Buck House

Buck House, founded originally in 2001 as a Madison Avenue retailer celebrated for distinctive furniture, interior decor, jewelry, antiques, and fine-arts, is the passion project of artist, author, entrepreneur, and tastemaker, Deborah Buck. The venue served as an energetic hub for the creative community, hosting events, exhibitions, and seminars devoted showcasing artisans and artistic creativity. Though Buck House is no longer a brick and mortar entity, it has continued to  evolve as a virtual space for all of Deborah Buck’s creative endeavors in the sphere of art and design.


Deborah Buck selected We Are How to design the lush art book Tableau, and afterwards our work with Buck House quickly became ongoing and extensive: we created a brand identity, wallpaper and fabric design, window display graphics, websites, advertisements, print collateral, and additional hardcover books. We always began by striving to meet Deborah Buck’s creative energy collaboratively, fostering the open generation of ideas by being flexible and adaptable partners in the process, and being in sync with its momentum. A sense of exuberance and vitality weaves throughout this work as a common thread, echoing the spirit of the brand, and Mrs. Buck herself.

“Tamara Connolly (Principal & Creative Director of We Are How) has consistently been an incredible asset to my business over the years. She has articulated the brand visually, over a wide range of mediums turning it into a recognized commodity in the design world. I rely upon her for advice from the smallest to the broadest strokes in conceptualizing what Buck House needs and where it will go.”

— Deborah Buck, Buck House