Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

Every moment of every day, we breathe, and almost always without having to think about the cleanliness of our air, or wondering “what if that weren’t the case?”. More than 3 billion people in developing countries face significant health risks due to home cooking and heating practices that cause household air pollution. Even more concerning is that the necessary collection of fuel needed for cooking and heating places an immense time burden on women and children, negatively impacting livelihoods and education.

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is dedicated to solving these critical problems by supporting the acceleration of production, distribution, and use of clean, safe and efficient cookstoves and fuels in developing countries through public and private partnerships. We Are How’s work for the Alliance has built awareness and gained valuable support across public and private sectors through infographics, event booths, and major reports utilized at the United Nations and other high level forums worldwide.