Dharma Co.

Glasses. Ubiquitous, increasingly stylish, and a basic necessity for either you, or someone you know. When start up eyewear company, Dharma Co., approached us, they were seeking brand clarity, looking to capture underpinning ideas ranging from globe trotting, diversity, labor ethics, sustainability, positive social impact, and high fashion. We Are How developed a brand concept that was unique to them among competitors and could act as an umbrella for everything else they had kicked around: using eyewear to bridge gaps between people, and between people and the environment.

From this core idea came their iconic logo: a charming, enlightened and bespectacled monkey — a wonderful way to reflect on our humanity and the environment. Building from this theme, We Are How developed a visual style to support the identity across their packaging, website, print materials, and supporting illustrations.

“Tamara and her team approached my project with the utmost professionalism. Not only did they execute a thorough competitive analysis to help inform the direction our branding should go in, they took the time to understand my vision of the brand as the founder. After that point, no request went unanswered. I am completely satisfied with their work, they went above and beyond to help transform my brand. The logos, illustrations and designs they created have been well received by everyone associated with my brand.”

— Dhruv Jagasia, Dharma Co.