Have you ever been in, or witnessed, a dysfunctional relationship where the people involved just couldn’t connect well, but kept returning to the same patterns? That’s rhetorical — of course you have, we all have. The Irrelationship Group was formed to help people in these situations by shedding light on why these patterns exist, and providing us with a roadmap to find a way out. Their work integrates neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and recovery models, and helps people in areas spanning romance, work-life, friendships, and society & culture.

When The Irrelationship Group approached We Are How, they came to us with nothing other than their name — we had a clean slate. Our challenge was to craft a brand identity that speaks to the frictions present in contemporary relationships and the potential for rewarding transformation. To achieve this, we created a visual style that embraces imperfection and humanity: hand drawn infographics and quotes, photography that feels realistic and candid, typography that reflects both warmth and immediacy, and an easter egg version of the logo that conveys positive change, rolled out over deliverables spanning web, print, and motion.

“We Are How has been crucial to the development of our company — our branding, strategic positioning, key elements of marketing, social media, and web development. The team is just great — professional, personable, highly intelligent and experienced, and amazing as a creative talent.”

— Grant Brenner, The Irrelationship Group