Formidable challenges are inherent to ambitious, complex, and large-scale construction and engineering projects. For this reason, SBI is an invaluable partner that helps navigate and overcome obstacles in legacy-scale projects such as the Hudson Yards, The Statue of Liberty Museum and Ellis Island, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  

SBI approached We Are How when they found themselves in a common scenario for founder-led companies. They had achieved a great degree of success and people familiar with their work thought of them as champions in their industry, yet because SBI lacked a strong brand and compelling, cohesive messaging, they faced an uphill battle conveying their excellence to those without direct experience working with them. In addition, many people did not understand the full scope of what SBI brings to the table, leading to a fragmented and uneven understanding of the firm’s capabilities.  

We Are How worked with SBI to evolve their brand to retain previous brand recognition, while imbuing it with a much stronger sense of stature befitting the level of work they do, and sowing the seeds for a brand that has longevity based on a core brand ethos. We Are How also oversaw and developed key pieces of editorial content that telegraph their value and capabilities in a way that is consistent and easy to grasp across large to small editorial scales, from their tagline through case studies.