What if investing was about more than just financial returns, and also sought positive social and environmental impact as measurable, intentional goals? This is the core aim of Impact Investing — leveraging the power of capital to address global challenges — and the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) is dedicated to increasing its scale and effectiveness.

When the GIIN approached We Are How to design a flagship report that would guide the next decade of impact investing, we understood the challenge immediately. What we designed needed to go beyond visual appeal and couldn’t rely on a “cool-factor” that might fade with time. The report needed to have an easy to grasp concept that would have a long shelf-life.

Our visual solution, implemented across print and web, re-interprets GIIN’s water ripple logo by rendering it in a pattern of dots to convey GIIN’s vision for the future: impact through collective action, the sum of many parts working cooperatively through a unified mission. Inside the report, the ripple becomes a flow of water, expressing the idea of purposeful direction, and a hexagonal motif anchors the report’s key categories of action.